Friday, March 11, 2011

Road Rage Rant

What’s the deal, Mr. Jerk in the beat-up old truck with too-big tires?  Why the aggressive driving, Soccer Mom in the over-priced Hummer?  What’s your hurry, Pimped-Out Ford Escort with the spinny rims?  We all need to share the road, and if we do so with a little common courtesy and patience, maybe we will all get to our respective destinations alive.  Just a thought.
So there I was….  I was driving to work this morning taking my normal commute on the freeway.  (Yes, yes, I know that the freeway here in Spud Land is NOTHING compared to the freeways in other areas.  I know…  But for us Spuds, this is enough traffic to make some of us a little grey around the edges.)  Anyway, I digress…  So there I was on the freeway.  I admit that I was speeding, but only by about 3 – 4 miles an hour over the posted speed limit.  Considering that I was speeding, and I was traveling along at a wee faster clip than some vehicles, I was in the “fast lane.” 
As I began to pass a slower vehicle in the right-hand lane, I saw a vehicle approaching behind me very rapidly.  Mind you, my commute is quite early in the morning, so it was dark and everyone had turned on their headlights.  The vehicle behind me came right up to my rear bumper very, very closely.  Now, even though as I already stated, I was speeding a bit beyond the posted speed limit, clearly I was not going fast enough for Mr. Jerk behind me.  So how did he express his displeasure that I was in his way?  He turned on his brights!  Yes, that is correct…  On the freeway, right on my tailpipe, Mr. Jerk turned on his bright lights.  Why?  Did he think that I was going to move over into the right lane and shove the slower vehicle into the ditch?  Did he think that I would speed up even faster than I was already going?
Unnecessary rudeness.  Listen, Mr. Jerk in the vehicle behind me, if you don’t think that I am speeding fast enough, just wait your gosh-darn turn and when it is safe to do so, I will more than gladly get out of your way.  You go right ahead, speed on up there, and see if there are any Highway Patrolmen waiting to give out tickets.  You just get all over that, Mr. Jerk.

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